Blue Thimble
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Blue Thimble
I'm a screenprinter/textile artist. I make textile art designs such as decorative pillow, tote bags, lunch bags, some baby clothes, and wall hangings. I admire well-thought out design and try to emulate that. I particularly enjoy mid-century modern design and reflect that in my work. I love color. In fact, I could not choose which color is my favorite- that would be discriminating to me. I also enjoy transforming the ugly and unwanted into something unexpectedly beautiful or interesting. My art is down to earth and no-nonsense which defines me. Through experience, I have learned that life is too much of a struggle to not find a little relief in art.

I sell most of my products on Blue Thimble on Etsy. I also sell my products here on this website. You may catch me at several art fairs around Chicago such as the Renegade Art Fair. See my home page for updates.

If you are interested in learning how to screen-print, I teach Screen-printing at the Lillstreet Arts Center in Ravenswood. I teach in the textile arts department. My name is Allison Rose and my current class I'm teaching this term is Beginning Screen-printing on Fabric.