Blue Thimble
I am an artist and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1996. My major was illustration. I then proceeded with a career as a Graphic Designer. In Chicago, I first worked at a small toy manufacturing company, then a high-end stationery company, and then as an Art Director in stationery at a book publishing company. Now, I create hand silk-screened fabrics, pillows, and tote bags. Silk-screening textiles is my true passion. I am insanely obsessed. My fabrics are a labor of love because usually some of my designs are created with over 50 prints. Each print is a special dye monoprint technique- meaning you can only get one print at a time, so each print is unique. I also teach Beginning Silkscreen in the textiles department at Lillstreet.

I admire well-thought out design and try to emulate that. I particularly enjoy mid-century modern design and reflect that in my work. I love color. In fact, I could not choose which color is my favorite- that would be discriminating to me. I also enjoy transforming the ugly and unwanted into something unexpectedly beautiful or interesting. My art is down to earth and no-nonsense which defines me. Through experience, I have learned that life is too much of a struggle to not find a little relief in art.