Blue Thimble
Baby Orange Octopus Needs Nurturing
dye, monoprint, fabric, thread, screenprint, silkscreen, cotton, batting
6" x 6.5" x 3"
This is an adorable baby Orange Octopus who's in desperate need of a good home and for someone to love him unconditionally. He's quite little and only a few sea months old. He's a dye monoprint on fabric appliqued to an adorable blue, cotton, nautical, print fabric and outlined with blue stitching. He is riding above the waves and coming up to say "hello" to you. Octopi don't really know how to wave very well, so he's doing his best. Also, he needs a name. Since he's up for adoption, we are leaving the name selection up to you. I hope he finds a good home soon. I don't know why people keep abandoning these special sea creatures. They make wonderful pets.
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